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Why Migrate to AWS?

Amazon Web Services is a leading cloud provider, it offers a breadth of services and capabilities to help businesses innovate faster, scale globally, modernize their legacy infrastructure and eventually offer a better customer experience. Moving to the cloud has never been seamless and important. Cloudyans has the expertise and commitment to help businesses move successfully to AWS, through all phases of complex migration projects, discovery, planning, and operations.

Organizations are no longer needed to deal with numerous system upgrades, costly hardware refresh cycles, data migration, etc. AWS takes care of all of that so their customers can focus on building their businesses.

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"We needed our developers focused on the innovative technology that makes Dow Jones unique, not on running data centers."
Shaown Nandi | Chief Information Officer and Head of Technology, Dow Jones

Who We Are

Cloudyans Consulting is a 100% focused AWS partner with a team of certified engineers skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migrations to the cloud. We help our clients identify solutions, build, deploy, or migrate to AWS. In addition to cloud expertise, the team brings together engineers from top companies in the industry with deep technical expertise in storage and distributed systems.

Use Cases & Testimonials

AWS Services

Whether you are looking to migrate your mission-critical application to the cloud or simply looking to scale your business you have come to the right place. Cloudyans Consulting can help craft a solution tailored to your business needs and accomplish your  objectives rapidly and productively.

AWS Cloud Migration

Once the decision is made to move to AWS, Cloudyans can guide you through the process and be involved in every step. From assessment and planning to deploying and optimizing your AWS environment, we follow a risk free approach and a detailed migration strategy that complies with AWS best practices and your business needs. The migration does not come free of challenges, depending on your business case and environment it could be a simple lift and shift or a complete redesign. Cloudyans has a good track record of migrating organizations and whatever the use case is we are determined to make our customers successful in their cloud adoption.

Evaluation & Assessment

Migrate & Modernize

Manage & Optimize

Enable Cloud Native

Evaluation & Assessment

Migrate & Modernize

Manage & Optimize

Enable Cloud Native

AWS Cloud Operation

We will operate your cloud environment on your behalf and provide a range of services to meet your security and compliance requirements.

Our services include:

AWS Architecture & Design

At Cloudyans we follow the Well-Architected Framework by heart as it enables us to make educated decisions about your AWS cloud architecture and understand the potential impact of design decisions.
We provide a consistent approach to evaluate your current architecture and workload using AWS Well-Architected tool. We propose new architectures while making sure it is aligned with AWS best practices and design principles for each Well-Architected pillars.
Contact us today to get your complimentary AWS Well-Architected Assessment.

Operational Excellence



Performance Efficiency

Cost Optimization

VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS is ideal for enterprise IT infrastructure and operations organizations that want to migrate complex legacy on-premises applications to AWS without expensive revamp of their architecture. Once in AWS cloud, customers can modernize their applications and integrate with 175+ AWS services such as databases, serverless, and AI/ML.

VMware Cloud on AWS overcomes any issues between on-premises and the cloud, delivering an optimized hybrid platform that extends vSphere environments on-premises to a VMware SDDC operating on an open AWS infrastructure. This enables consumers to move apps, or whole data centers, to AWS easily and confidently.

Data Storage Services

Application and protocol level testing

NFS & CIFS protocol level testing

Backup & Restore software QA testing

Backup appliances design & testing

Data Protection Solutions

Partnering with the top companies in the storage industry that offer a variety of enterprise-level data protection solutions.
Whether your data is in the cloud or on-premises we offer solutions to protect it. Our solutions are secure, scalable, and come pre-configured. Cloudyans consulting team and its partners will help you pick the best solution that fits your requirements.

Backup Appliance


Security Appliance

Caching Appliance

AWS Blog

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