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Cloudyans Consulting is a team of AWS certified engineers skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migration. At Cloudyans Consulting we help clients implement AWS product & services to enhance their business agility, increase productivity and achieve a lower TCO.

While you focus on building software applications our focus is on the following services:


Data Storage

Data Center & Hardware Operation

⁃ NFS & CIFS protocol level testing.
⁃ Backup & Restore software QA testing.
⁃ Feature testing.
⁃ Backup appliances design and testing.
Cloud Services

AWS Cloud Services

AWS Cloud Services

– Cloud Migration

– VMware Cloud on AWS

– Data center extension

– Deployment and Management

System Design & Integration

System Design

System Design & Integration

⁃ Design & validation.
⁃ Performance Tuning & Optimization.
⁃ Manufacturing support.
cloud server

Data Protection & Cloud Enablement

Data Protection Solutions

Partnering with the top companies in the storage industry that offer the best solution for your business.

⁃ Backup appliance
⁃ Hyper-converged appliance
⁃ Security appliance
⁃ VMware cloud on AWS


Cloud Services

Whether you are looking to migrate your mission-critical application to the cloud or simply looking to scale your business you have come to the right place. Cloudyans Consulting and its enterprise cloud partners can help craft a solution tailored to your business needs. Get in touch to learn more.

Cloud Computing services

What We Offer

Cloud Data Migration

Cloud Migration

Our team will work with you to form a migration framework with best-in-class practices, tools and processes that will set you up for success.
Cloud Storage Tiering

Storage Tiering

We understand data availability, durability and performance and we can help you match your workload to the right cloud service while optimizing your storage cost.
Deployment & Management

Deployment & Management

Seamless deployment and integration with the cloud.
Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

Proactive monitoring and customer environment management

Data Storage


Rapid Deployment




Software Testing

Cloud Data Migration

SaaS Backup

data center solution

System Design & Integration


Design & Validation


Performance Tuning & Optimization


Manufacturing Support

Data protection solutions

Partnering with the top companies in the storage industry that offer a variety of enterprise level data protection solutions.
Whether your data is in the cloud or on-premise we offer solutions to protect it. Our solutions are secure, scalable and come pre-configured. Cloudyans consulting team and its partners will help you pick the best solution that fits your requirements.


Backup appliance




Security appliance


Caching appliance

Cloud Data Protection Solutions

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